About Us

At Blossom Vinegars, we know great food and drinks begin with great ingredients! Handcrafted in small batches, we use the freshest local fruits and herbs available.

What we list as ingredients on our label is exactly what is in our bottles; compelling, delicious and healthy.

Culinary Vinegars:  Use our culinary vinegars for vinaigrettes, sautés, marinades and reductions. The big, bold, authentic flavors are powerful flavor combinations; a splash of vinegar brightens and elevates the finished dish.

Team Blossom has created many recipes for you to have fun with. Blossom devotees and professional chefs have also generously contributed their creations.

Drinking Vinegars:  Our drinking vinegars are a sensational way to deliver flavor to beverages with or without alcohol. Specifically designed as a low-calorie beverage, they are guaranteed to quench your thirst, wake up your palate and refresh your spirit! You’ll be the hit of the party!

Their sweet-tart taste comes exclusively from the fruit we use to make them. Our products are created with absolutely no added sugar - not cane sugar, corn syrup, agave, stevia or, for that matter, any artificial additive. That’s a big deal to us.

Tasting is believing!

Introduced in 2013, our drinking vinegars intrigue and delight the unsuspecting. (Drinking vinegars are sometimes referred to as “shrubs.”)

Our Mission & Values:

  • Develop and grow Blossom Vinegars by creating delicious, vibrant, healthy, products that deliver “WOW” to our customers while providing excellent customer service.
  • Source the highest quality fresh ingredients from farmers we know and love.
  • Create employment where people work in a happy environment and are encouraged to contribute their best while producing gold standard products.
  • Consistently contribute to our community and environment by participating in meaningful service projects as a way of life.

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