Ginger Apple Pear Drinking Vinegar
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Ginger Apple Pear drinking vinegar is so refreshing and tasty!!
Submitted on 2015-12-02

I am so happy to spread the word about the awesome Ginger Apple Pear drinking vinegar. Since Blossom V created drinking vinegar's, I’ve been hooked. I use this in so many things! I used to drink apple cider vinegar for the digestive benefits but I never truly loved it. This tasty drinking vinegar has been the best substitute and it gives me the same happy tummy! I love it! I usually add 3 tablespoons to an 8 ounce glass of water in the morning and evening.
I mix the Ginger Pear drinking vinegar to create yummy cocktails - sparkling water, gin, and ginger apple pear drinking vinegar. It makes a stellar cocktail! I also love to use this as a salad dressing with mixed greens, bleu cheese, cranberries and sliced pears. Thank you Blossom Vinegar for livening up my kitchen and adding flavor to so many meals and drinks!

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Ginger Apple Pear Drinking Vinegar

Blossom Vinegars own Ginger Pear Vinegar carefully blended with apple juice, is an intriguing flavor trio. Mix with sparkling soda (2 Tbls to 6 oz soda); light and refreshing. Quality: Rejuvenates. Perfect as an aperitif between courses! It mixes well with gin, rum, champagne! Quality: Rejuvenation.

Weight:  8.45 oz (250 ml) 

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