Mango Habanero Drinking Vinegar
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Awesome vinegar
Submitted on 2015-11-10

I first met Connie at a street fair when I visited Portland and took some of this vinegar home with me. Since then, it has been a staple in my kitchen and in the house of my son and his bride. I must confess, we drink it with a little vodka and fresh juice (grapefruit for me) and it is sublime! It's not too hot and the mango balances out the heat perfectly. Highly recommended.

Submitted on 2015-11-13

I have a long history with this product. I was one of the "original testers" for this and got an incredible "kick" out of it! It has evolved to be a magical combination of "flavorful with and edge" that will lift you up on any kind of day. Try it. You won't be sorry!

It's like a sour patch kid; totally sweet, with a kick! Try it!
Submitted on 2015-12-02

I had the pleasure of working next to Connie's booth at farmers markets for years (I worked for a different vendor). She opened my eyes to vinegar & how it can be made simply, with whole ingredients, and be super tasty! When she began with drinking vinegars, I was eager to try the sweet sounding ones, but was a little hesitant to try Mango Habanero; it sounded super spicy. Boy was I wrong! She mixed it with some sparkling water; it was like this sweet heaven with a punch of spice at the end. The sweetness and flavor of mango is perfectly complimented by the habanero. I bought a bottle of this for the holidays last year & made mango habanero margaritas for my family. The bottle was gone in one sitting. Everyone loved it!

I've explored some other ways to use this as well. It is an excellent glaze for orange chicken or pork. I also have made mimosas with a tablespoon of mango habanero drinking vinegar and a splash of orange juice!! This drinking vinegar is such a treat, and trust me, when you try it, you may change your mind on which is your favorite:)

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Mango Habanero Drinking Vinegar

Blossom VInegars own Habanero Vinegar is carefully blended with mango juice creating a sweet, hot, distinctive flavor; a little like a sour candy. In seltzer, it doesn’t seem spicy; careful, it heats up slowly (1 Tbls with 6-8 oz soda)! This concentrate lends itself to endless tequilla cocktails as well as grilling and sauté ideas. Do you hear the call for more, more, more? Quality: Invigorating.

Weight:  8.45 oz (250 ml) 

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