Tart Inspiration.

Born beneath a plum tree near Portland, Oregon, Blossom elevates an age- old kitchen classic into the modern age. Our family of vinegars and mixers start their lives as fresh fruits and herbs, grown in local orchards and farms. Once picked, they’re infused and fermented, then bottled by hand just a few miles away.

The result? Like no vinegars you’ve ever tasted. Made without the additives or sweeteners found in other brands, Blossom products taste extraordinarily bright and clean — the way vinegar was always supposed to taste. And though some folks might call our process “artisan,” it’s simply how we’ve always made them, starting with our first batch more than fifteen years ago.

While cooks fancy Blossom’s vinegars to stir into their sautés, marinades, and vinaigrettes, smart bartenders are discovering Blossom’s mixers can add an unexpected spark to their cocktail kit, infusing a tangy tickle to their apéritifs, digestifs, and Bloody Marys.

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