Old-world tradition. New-world attitude.

Blossom just might be the world’s finest vinegars. Crafted from fresh local fruits and herbs in the Pacific Northwest and bottled without additives, artificial flavors, or sweeteners, they’re made without compromise — with love and good intentions — for a novel taste experience.

Blossom Making Vinegars Raspberry
Cocktail made with Blossom


If you’re craving flavor without sugar, try a Blossom mixer with ginger ale or fruit juice and sparkling H2O for a thirst-quenching summer cooler. Or add a shot to your morning smoothie for a tasty twist. Stirring up cocktails? Try a Ginger-Apple Pear Moscow Mule or a Mango Habañero Margarita. You’re only limited by your imagination…

Cooking with with Vinegar


Mixing up a marinade? Deglazing a sauté pan? Blossom’s vinegars can double as your “Ingredient X,” adding a clear, bright thread of flavor to pull the dish together. In addition to whisking up tasty vinaigrettes and quick-pickling veggies, drizzle a reduction over meat or a summer salad, or add a few drops to coleslaw for some added zing. Get creative!

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